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Bang-Fuh Chen Journal papers ( 學術期刊論文 )

2020 Po-Hung Yeh,Shao-Hua Chung andBang-Fuh Chen * ,Multiple TLDs on Motion Reduction Control of the Offshore Wind Turbines,2020, 8(6), 470; https://doi.org/10.3390/jmse8060470

2019 Bang-Fuh Chen and H.C. Chang, Mechanical behavior of submarine cable under coupled tension and torsion loads, Ocean Engineering, 188,15,1 October 2019, SCI.

2019 Bang-Fuh Chen and H.C. Chang, The optimal core design of submarine cable, (submitted 2019).

2019 Bang-Fuh Chen and T.T. Huang, Fluid-filled mixture model for suction pile foundation analysis, Ocean Engineering,https://doi.org/10.1016/j.oceaneng.2019.106306

2019 Bing-han Lin, Bang-Fuh Chen* and Jia-cheng Tsai, (2019) Method of fundamental solutions on simulating sloshing liquids in a 2D tank Computers and Mathematics with Applications, available online 3 August 2019, SCI.

2018 Bang-Fuh Chen*, and Bing-han Yang, (2018), Experimental study of a hybrid TMD and TLD on structure motion reduction, Ocean Engineering, 165, 538–549 (SCI)

2018 Bang-Fuh Chen*, Hung-Kai Yang, Chih-Hwa Wu, Tzu-Chiang Lee, and Bing Chen, (2018) ‘Numerical study of liquid mixing in microalgae-farming tanks with baffles’, Ocean Engineering, 161, 168-186 (SCI)

2018 Bang-Fuh Chen*, Lung-Chern Chen, Z.L. Jiang, Jin-Yuan Liu, Shian-yuan Lu, Shua-shin Lu, Wen-ming Tien and Der-ming Tsai, Shinna Wu, (2018), ‘The deployment of the first tidal energy capture system in Taiwan’, Ocean Engineering, 155, 261-277 (SCI).

2016 Bang-Fuh Chen, Y. J. Huang, Bing Chen and S.Y. Tsai, “The surface waves disturbance during internal wave propagation over various types of sea bottom”, Ocean Engineering, (accepted, SCI, 2016)

2016 Wu, Chih-Hwa, Faltinsen, Odd Magnus and Chen, Bang-Fuh, (2016), “Dynamics of vortex evolution in a 2D baffled tank”, Computers and Mathematics with applications, 71, 1-28 (SCI). http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.camwa.2015.10.007

2015 Bang-Fuh Chen and Shih-ming Huang, (2015) “A numerical study of liquid tank and structure interaction”, Journal of Marine Science and Technology, Taiwan, 23(5) 781-791 (SCI).

2013 Wu, Chih-Hwa, Faltinsen, Odd Magnus and Chen, Bang-Fuh* (2013), “Time-independent finite difference and ghost cell method to study sloshing liquid in 2D and 3D tanks with baffle”, CiCP, 13 (3), 780-800, (SCI).

2013 Wu, Chih-Hwa, Faltinsen, Odd Magnus and Chen, Bang-Fuh* (2013),”Analysis on shift of nature modes of liquid sloshing in a 3D tank subjected to oblique horizontal ground motions with damping devices”, Advances in Mechanical Engineering, vol. 2013, Article ID 627124, 24 pages, 2013. doi:10.1155/2013/627124 (SCI)

2013 Wu, Chih-Hwa, Chen, Bang-Fuh* and Hung, Tin-Kan, (2013),”Hydrodynamic forces induced by transient sloshing in a 3D rectangular tank due to oblique horizontal excitation”, Computers and Mathematics with applications, (65), 1163-1186. (SCI)

2012 Hsing-nan Wu, Long-jeng Chen, Ming-huei Yu, Wen-yi Li and Bang-fuh Chen, (2012) “On design and performance prediction of the horizontal-axis water turbine”, Ocean Engineering (50), 23–30. (SCI)

2012 Chih-Hua Wu, O. M. Faltinsen and Bang-Fuh Chen (2012), “A time-independent finite difference method with fictitious cell analysis of sloshing fluid in tanks with baffles”, Computers and Fluids, 63, 9-26. (SCI)

2012 Chih-Hua Wu, Bang-Fuh Chen and Tin-Kan Hung, (2012) “Transient response of sloshing fluid in a three dimensional tank”, Journal of Marine Science and Technology, Taiwan, 20(1), 26-37. (SCI)

2011 Chih-Hua Wu and Bang-Fuh Chen (2011), "The excitation angle and coupled heave-surge-sway motion effects on fluid sloshing in a three dimensional tank", Journal of Marine Science and Technology, Japan, 16, 22-55. (SCI).

2011 Bang-Fuh Chen and Yin-Sen Yuan, “Hydrodynamic pressures on arch dams”, (2011), Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 137 (1), 34-44. (SCI).

2010 Chih-chun Chu, Bang-Fuh Chen and Yi-Hsiang Yu, (2010) “A time-independent finite difference analysis of viscous flow across a translating circular cylinder”, Journal of Marine Science and Technology, Taiwan, 18(4), 611-619, (SCI)

2009 Chih-Hua Wu and Bang-Fuh Chen, 2009 “Sloshing waves and resonance modes of fluid in a 3D tank by a time-independent finite difference method”, Ocean Engineering, 36, 500-510. , SCI.

2007 Bang-Fuh Chen, Han-der Wang and Chih-Chun Chu, 2007 “ Tide Forecasting of tides around Taiwan by Artificial Neural Network Method and Wavelet analysis”, China Oceanic Engineering, 21(4), 549-560. , SCI

2007 Bang-Fuh Chen, Han-der Wang and Chih-Chun Chu, 2007 “Wavelet and Artificial Neural Network Analyses of Tide Forecasting and Supplement of Taiwan waters and South China Sea”, Oceanic Engineering, 34(16), 2161-2175. , SCI.

2005 Bang-Fuh Chen and Roger Nokes, 2005 “Time-independent Finite Difference Analysis of 2D and Nonlinear Viscous Fluid Sloshing in a Rectangular Tank”, J. of Computational Physics, 209, 47-81. , SCI

2005 Bang-Fuh Chen, 2005 “Viscous Fluid in a Tank under Coupled Surge, Heave and Pitch Motions”, J. of Waterway Port Coast and Ocean Engineering, 131(5), 239-256. , SCI

2004 Bang-Fuh Chen, Yi-Hsiang Yu and Tin-Kan Hung, (2004), “Large Reynolds Number flow across a translating circular cylinder with high oscillating frequencies”, paper in a book Reflection and Outlook of Engineering Mechanics : A Book in Honor of T. Y.-T. Wu.

2004 Bang-Fuh Chen and Hsu, S. M., (2004) “A numerical study of tidal effects on seawater intrusion in confined and unconfined aquifers by a time-independent finite-difference method”, J. of Waterway Port Coast and Ocean Engineering, 130(4), 191-206. (SCI)

2002 Bang-Fuh Chen and Huang, C-F. (2002), “Hydrodynamic forces on concrete sea wall and breakwater during earthquakes: effects of bottom sediment layers and back-fill soil”, Ocean Engineering, 29, 783-814. (SCI)

2000 Bang-Fuh Chen, (2000) "Dynamic responses of coastal structures during earthquakes including sediment-sea-structure interaction", Soil Dynam. Earthq. Engrg. 20, 445-467. (SCI)

1999 Bang-Fuh Chen and Chiang, H-W, (1999) "Complete two-dimensional analysis of sea-wave induced fully nonlinear sloshing fluid in a rigid floating tank", Ocean Engineering, 27, 953-977. (SCI)

1999 Bang-Fuh Chen, Y. S, Yuan and J. F. Lee, (1999) "Three Dimensional Nonlinear Hyfrodynamic Pressures by Earthquakes on Dam Faces with Arbitrary Reservoir Shapes", J. Hydraulic Research, 37(2), 163-187. (SCI)

1999 Bang-Fuh Chen, (1999) "Viscous Free Surface Effect on Coastal Embankment Hydrodynamics ", Ocean Engineering, 26, 47-65. (SCI)

1996 Bang-Fuh Chen, (1996) "Hybrid Three-Dimensional Finite Difference and Finite Element Analysis of Seismic-Wave Induced Fluid-Structure Interaction of a Vertical Cylinder", Ocean Engineering, 25 (8), 639-656. (SCI)

1997 Bang-Fuh Chen and Chiang, H-W, (1997) "Complete 2D and Fully Nonlinear Analysis of Ideal Fluid in Tanks", J. Engineering Mechanics, 125(1), 70-78. (SCI)

1995 Bang-Fuh Chen, (1995) "3D Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Analysis of a Vertical Cylinder During Earthquake, I: Rigid Motion", J. Engineering Mechanics, 123 (5), 458-465.

1997 Bang-Fuh Chen, and Chen-Feng Huang, (1997) "Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Pressures Generated by a Moving High-Rise Offshore Cylinder", Ocean Engineering, 24 (3), 201-216. (SCI)

1996 Bang-Fuh Chen, (1996) "Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Effects on Concrete Dams", Engineering Structures, 18 (3), 201-212. (SCI)

1995 Bang-Fuh Chen, (1994) "Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Pressures by Earthquakes on Dam Faces with Arbitrary Reservoir Shapes" J. Hydraulic Research, 32 (3), 401-413. (SCI)

1993 Bang-Fuh Chen, and Tin-Kan Hung, (1993) "Dynamic Pressure of Water and Sediment on Rigid Dam", J. of Engineering Mechanics, 119 (7),1411-1433. (SCI)

1992 Pei-Yi Huang, Bang-Fuh Chen and G.L. Chang, (1992) "The Haemodynamic Analysis of Blood Flows with IABP ", Chinese J. of Medical and Biological Engineering, 11(4), 286-288.

1991 T. K. Hung, W.S. Cheng, D.F. Li, J.H. Guan and B.F. Chen, (1991) "Accelerated Flows in Rigid and Distensible Curved Tubes", Engineering Science, Fluid Dynamics, World Scientific publishing Co..

1990 Tin-Kan Hung, and Bang-Fuh Chen, (1990) "Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Pressures on Dams During Earthquakes", J. of Engineering Mechanics, 116(6), 1372-1391. (SCI)
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