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Bang-Fuh Chen Conference Papers ( 研討會論文 )

2018 Bang-Fuh Chen, Bing-ham Lin, Investigation of sloshing response in rectangular container with flexible baffle, The 9th international symposium on fluid-structure interactions, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2018 Bang-Fuh Chen and Guanli Huang, On Study of Hybrid TMD and TLD System on Structure Motion Control, 13th World Congress on Computational Mechanics / 2nd Pan American Congress on Computational Mechanics, New York City, USA.

2018 Bang-Fuh Chen and Sun-yu Tsai, A platform for Kuroshio energy harvesting, AWETC 2018, Taipei, Taiwan.

2018 Bang-Fuh Chen and Sun-yu Tsai, An energy harvester for Kuroshio power, International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, Pittsburgh, USA.

2017 BangFuh Chen, The Deployment of the Taiwan First Tidal Energy Capture System, ASME Energy Sustainability Conference 2017, Charlotte, USA.

2017 Bang-Fuh Chen, Bing-han Lin, Simulating Sloshing Fluids in 2D Tanks by a Meshless Method, ISOPE, June, San Francisco, California, USA

2016 Bang-Fuh Chen and G.W. Huang, “Nozzle and diffuser in drifting horizontal turbine flow”, ISOPE 2016, Rhodes, Greece, June 2016.

2016 Zwe-Lee Gaing, Bang-Fuh Chen and Yao-Yang Hsien, Implementation of Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Generator for Applying to a MCT System, 2016 International Symposium on Computer, Consumer and Control, (IS3C), Beijing, China.

2016 Bang-Fuh Chen and G.W. Huang, “Nozzle and diffuser in drifting horizontal turbine flow”, ISOPE 2016, Rhodes, Greece, June 2016.

2014 Bang-Fuh Chen and Chih-hwa Wu, “The evolution of vortices generation and energy dissipation of sloshing fluid in a 2D tank with baffles”, ICVFM Nagoya, Japan, 2014.

2014 Chih-hwa Wu, Bang-Fuh Chen, and Tin-kan Hung, “The base ratio perturbation on transient waves in a 3D rectangular tank due to oblique horizontal excitation”, ICHD, Singapore, 2014.

2013 Bang-Fuh Chen and Y.J. Lin, A Numerical Simulation of HOPs Transport with a Sorption-Desorption Kinematic Model, ISOPE 2013, Anchorage, USA.

2011 Bang-Fuh Chen and C-H Wu, Time-independent finite difference and ghost cell method to study sloshing liquid in 2D and 3D tanks with baffle, DSFD conference, Fargo, ND, USA.

2010 Bang-Fuh Chen, A study of ocean wave capture system, 2010 advanced research of renewable energy conference, Trondheim, Norway.

2009 Bang-Fuh Chen and Chih-Chin Chu, The viscous flow induced by an oscillating circular cylinder, ISOPE, Japan.

2009 Wu Chi-hua, Bang-Fuh Chen, The evolution of forces of sloshing waves in a 3D tank, 第31屆海洋工程研討會論文集 國立中興大學 2009年11月

2007 Bang-Fuh Chen and Chih-Hwa Wu, Wave patterns and resonant modes of sloshing waves in a 3D tank, Ocean Engineering conference, Tainan, Taiwan.

2006 Bang-Fuh Chen, Chih-Hwa Wu, and Roger Nokes, 3D Fully nonlinear sloshing fluid in tanks, ECCOMAS CFD, The Netherland.

2006 Bang-Fuh Chen and Chih-Hwa Wu, “Time-Independent Finite Difference Method for the Analysis of Transient 3D Fully Nonlinear Sloshing in a Square Base Tank”, WCCM-VII, Los Angles, USA.

2004 Bang-Fuh Chen, Yi-Hsiang Yu and Tin-Kan Hung, (2004), “Viscous Flows Across an Oscillating Circular Cylinder”, the 17th Engineering Mechanics Conference, ASCE, Delaware, USA.

2004 Bang-Fuh Chen, Yi-Hsiang Yu and Tin-Kan Hung, (2004), Large Reynolds Number flow across a translating circular cylinder with high oscillating frequencies”, The Theodore Y.-T. Wu Symposium on Engineering Mechanics, Vancouver, Canada.

2003 Bang-Fuh Chen and Lin, Y-J., (2003), “A Numerical Simulation of HOPs Transport with a Sorption-Desorption Kinematic Model”, the 25th Ocean Engineering Conference, Keelung, Taiwan.

2003 Bang-Fuh Chen and Y.H. Yu (2003), “Viscous flow across a translating moving circular cylinder “, 13th ISOPE conference, Hawaii, USA.

2002 Bang-Fuh Chen (2002), “The interaction of fully nonlinear waves with floating breakwaters’, 12th ISOPE conference, Kita Kyushu, Japan.

2002 Bang-Fuh Chen (2002), “Coupling effects of surge, heave and pitch motionson sloshing fluids in tanks”, 12th ISOPE conference, Kita Kyshu, Japan.

2001 Bang-Fuh Chen (2001), “Nonlinear hydrodynamic pressures on Arch dams”, XII World Congress on Earthquake Engineering, Auckland, New Zealand.

2001 Bang-Fuh Chen and Shih-Meng Hsu, (2001), “Unconfined seawater intrusion in sloped beach face with tidal effects”, the 23rd Ocean Engineering Conference, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

2000 Chu, Chih-Chun and Bang-Fuh Chen, (2000), “An application of artificial networks - tidal predication and supplement around Taiwan waters”, the 22nd Ocean Engineering Conference, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

2000 Bang-Fuh Chen, Chih-Chun Chu, and Chaoyu Wu, "Neural network in hydrological forecasting and supplement of Kao-Pin-Chi ", Proceeding of 4th International conference of Hydro-informatics, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA.

2000 Bang-Fuh Chen, "Nonlinear Hydrodynamic pressures on rigid Arch dams during earthquakes", Proceeding of 12 WCEE, Auckland, New Zealand.

1999 Bang-Fuh Chen, "Dynamic responses of coastal structures during earthquakes including sediment-sea-structure interaction", Proceeding of SDEE'99, Bergen, Norway.

1998 Bang-Fuh Chen, "Earthquake induced sloshing fluid in a rigid tank: a complete two dimensional and fully nonlinear analysis", the Eleventh European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Paris, France,

1997 Bang-Fuh Chen, "Seismic waves induced dynamic responses of coastal structures", Proceeding of the Eleventh European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Paris, France.

1997 Bang-Fuh Chen, "Complete two-dimensional and fully nonlinear seismic- wave induced sloshing in a rigid tank", 1997 Joint ASME/ASCE/SES annular meeting, Evanston Illinois, USA.

1997 C. L. Lee, Bang-Fuh Chen and L. J. Kuo, "Estimation of sorption partition coefficients of hydrophobic organic pollutants by an overall sorption model", IAWQ Specialized Conference on Chemical Process Industries and Environmental Management, Cape Town, South Africa.

1996 Y. C. Chen, C. L. Lee and Bang-Fuh Chen, "Behaviors of the Hydrophobic Organic Pollutants in an Ocean Outfall Simulation Model Test-Sorption Effect", Proceeding of the 18th Ocean Engineering conference, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, pp. 485-491.

1996 Bang-Fuh Chen, "A Complete Three Dimensional Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Analysis of Vertical and Flexible Cylinder During Earthquakes", Proceedings, The sixth International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

1994 Bang-Fuh Chen, "Dynamic Forces in Structures Design-A Case Study SPM", Proceedings, the sixth Ocean Engineering conference, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ROC. Part B, pp.209-222。

1994 Bang-Fuh Chen , and Yin-Shen Yuan, "Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Pressures on Arch Dam Faces", Proceedings, 1994 national Hydraulic Engineering Conference., Buffalo, New York, USA.

1993 Bang-Fuh Chen, "The Significance of Hydrodynamic Forces in Coastal Embankment and Offshore Breakwater Design ",The Second International Symposium on Wave Measurement and Analysis, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

1993 Bang-Fuh Chen, "Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Pressures on Dam Faces withArbitrary Reservoir Shapes", Proceedings, the 1993 National Hydraulic Engineering Conference, S.F. CA, USA.

1993 Bang-Fuh Chen, "Nonlinear Free Surface Flow around a Vertical Cylinder During Earthquakes", Proceeding of the Third International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, Singapore.

1991 Tin-Kan Hung, Bang-Fuh Chen, and K.C.Chyang, "Dynamic Effect of Sediment on Dam Hydrodynamics", Proceeding of ASCE Engineering. Mech. 8th Specialty Conference, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

1990 Bang-Fuh Chen and Tin-Kan Hung, 1990, "A Computational Analysis of Dynamic Interaction of Dam with Reservoir Water and Sediment", Proceedings of the 1990 national Conference of Hydraulic Engineering, San Diego, California, USA.
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