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Jason C.S. Yu Journal papers (學術期刊論文)

2018 Peihung, Chen, Jason C. S. Yu, Michael Fettweis (2018) Modeling Storm-Influenced Suspended Particulate Matter Flocculation Using a Tide-Wave-Combined Biomineral Model. Water Environment Research, Volume 90, Number 3, 1 March 2018, pp. 244-257(14),

2017 Hao-Cheng Yu, Yinglong ZhangJ, Jason C.S. Yu, C. Terng, W.Sun, F. Ye, Harry V. Wang, H. Yuang (2017) Simulating multi-scale oceanic processes around Taiwan on unstructured grids. Ocean Modeling, Volume 119, November 2017, Pages 72-93,, doi: 10.1016/j.ocemod.2017.09.007

2016 Jason C. S. Yu, Tzu-Yin Chou, Hao-Cheng Yu, Peihung Chen, Quinten Vanhellemont, Michael Fettweis (2016) Surface suspended particulate matter concentration in the Taiwan Strait during summer and winter monsoons. Ocean Dynamics (2016) 66:1517–1527, DOI 10.1007/s10236-016-0992-5 (IF: 2015=1.892)

2015 E. Meseth, L.C. Wang, S.H. Chen, Jason C.S. Yu and M. Buzinny (2015) Reconstructing agriculture in Vitcos Inca Settlement, Peru. Irrigation and drainage. Volume 64(3), 340–352, July 2015 (IF: 2015=0.565)

2015 Zhang,Y.J., Ateljevich.E., Yu,H.C., Wu,C.H.and C.S. Yu, 2015, A new vertical coordinate system for a 3D unstructured-grid model,Ocean Modelling, Vol.85, January 2015, Pages 16–31

2014 Yu, H.C., Yu, C. S., Chu, C.H.and Teyr, T.C.,2014, A regional ocean current forecast operational system for the sea around Taiwan,EGU General Assembly 2014, Vol. 16, EGU2014-5613, 2014

2014 Yu,C.S., Meseth, Enrique, 2014, Water management improvements for agriculture by applying efficient crop schedules in the highland forest of Vilcabamba, Peru,Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal, Vol. 16, Issue 3,September 2014,p17

2014 Yu,C.S., 2014,Crop scheduling improvements for rainfed agriculture in the high jungle of Peru, Scientia Agropecuaria, Vol. 5, num. 4 (2014)

2013 Yu,C.S., Huang,W.C., Hung,J.J., 2013,Environmental and biogeochemical changes following a decade's reclamation in the Dapeng (Tapong) Bay, southwestern Taiwan, Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science,Vol.130, 20 September 2013, Pages 9–20

2013 Jason C.S. Yu, Hao-Cheng Yu, Joseph Y.L. Zhang (2013) The development of a regional ocean current forecast operational system for the seas around Taiwan. Workshop on High Performance Computing in Meteorological Application, 2013/1/29-30, CWB, Taipei.

2012 Fettweis M, Baeye M, Lee BK, Chen P.H. and Yu C.S. (2012) Hydro-meteo influences and multi-modal suspended particle size distributions. Geo-Marine Letters, Vol. 32, issue 2, pp. 123-137. (SCI, IF:1.852).

2009 C.S. Yu*, Hsing-Juh Lin and Rueh-Juen, Tsao (2009)Modelling abundance and nutrient dynamics in intertidal seagrass meadows (Thalassia hemprichii) in Kenting, Taiwan. Hydrobiologia (review).

2009 Yu, C.S.*, Yang, L., Tsai, H.C. (2009) Nutrient cycling in vertical flow constructed wetland systems for tertiary treatment of campus secondary effluents. J. Bio-resources, (submitted)

2009 Yu, H.C., C.J. Chiang. And C.S. Yu* (2009) Seasonal Circulation and volume transport of the seas around Taiwan. (in preparation)

2009 Yu, H.C., C.J. Chiang. And C.S. Yu* (2009) Flushing time in a tropic lagoon due to freshwater influences. (in preparation)

2003 Fang, M-D., C-L Lee and C.S. Yu (2003) Distribution and source recognition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the sediments of Hsin-ta Harbour and adjacent coastal areas, Taiwan. (Accepted for publication in Marine Pollution Bulletin, Vol. 46(8), 941-953 (sci)). (NSC89-2611-M-110-020 ) (sci)

2002 于嘉順、衛崇祥 (2002) 海域洩油事件的處理及洩油預測模式的應用,海洋及水下科技,第十二卷第一期/91.4。(EI)

2000 Ozer, J., R. Padilla-Hernandez, J. Monbaliu, E. Alvarez Fanjul, J.C. Carretero Albiach, P. Osuna, C.S. Yu, I. Noehren, J. Wolf and H. Baumert (2000) Coupling tide, surge and wave models. Coastal Engineering, Vol. 41, 95-124 (sci).

1999 Zhang, M.Y., J. Monbaliu and C.S. Yu (1999) An Eulerian-Lagragian method for the simulation of wave propagation. Ocean Engineering, Vol. 26, 255-276 (sci)

1998 Yu, C.S., J. Berlamont, H. Embrechts and D. Roose (1998) Modelling coastal sediment transport on a parallel computer. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth,. Vol. 23, 5/6, 497-504, 1998 (sci)

1996 Berlamont, J., G. Radach, G. Becker, F. Colijn, J. Gekeler, R.W.P.M. Laane, J. Monbaliu, D. Prandle, J. Sunderman, W. van Raaphorst and C.S. Yu (1996) Future observational and modelling needs identified on the basis of the existing shelf data. Ocean Dynamics, Vol. 48, No. 3/4, 421- 436.(sci)

1994 Yu, C.S., J. Monbaliu and J. Berlamont (1994) Voorspelling van water standen en stormingen aan de Belgische kust (Prediction of water levels and currents along Belgian coast). Water, 76, 73-78. (in Dutch)

1989 Yu, C.S., M. Fettweis, I. Hermans and J. Berlamont (1989) Tidal flow simulation in the English Channel and southern North Sea. Advances in Water Resources, Vol. 12, No. 4, 194-203.(sci)
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