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Po-Hung YEH Conference Papers ( 研討會論文 )

2020 Hung-Jie Tang, Ray-Yeng Yang, Tzu-Chieh Wen, Po-Hung Yeh, Chai-Cheng Huang (2020),"Numerical Simulation of the Domino Effect of Mooring System Failure for an Aquaculture Net Cage Under Waves and Currents", 39th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering,Virtual Conference,August 3 – 7。

2016 Hong, J.-H., Guo, W.-D., Wang, H.-W., and Yeh, P.-H.(2016)A simple method for estimating flood discharge in gravel-bed channels with varied riverbed level.

2015 Yeh, P.-H., Chiew, Y.-M., and Hong, J.-H. (2015). Velocity characteristics of a swirling water jet induced by a propeller. IAHR 2015, Delft–the Hague, the Netherlands, Jun 28–Jul 3. (Accepted)

2015 Hong, J.-H. and Yeh, P.-H. (2015). Estimate of river-bed variation and pier scour by using a noncontact surface velocity radar. IAHR 2015, Delft– he Hague, the Netherlands, Jun 28–Jul 3.(Accepted)

2014 Chiew, Y.-M. and Yeh, P.-H. (2014). Local scour around submarines pipeline and steel catenary risers. WRICET 2014, Putrajaya, Malaysia, Nov 25–26.

2014 Chiew, Y.-M., Hsieh, S.-C., Yeh, P.-H., Low, Y. M., and Li, F. Z. (2014). Local scour and flow characteristics around a vibrating catenary riser. ICSE 2014, Perth, Australia, Dec 2–4.

2014 Hong, J.-H., Chiew, Y.-M., and Yeh, P.-H. (2014). Comparisons of time-dependent pier scour models under unsteady flow conditions. ICSE 2014, Perth, Australia, Dec 2–4.

2013 Randall, R. E. and Yeh, P.-H. (2013). Estimating production and booster pump location for long distance pumping. WODCON XX, Brussels, Belgium, Jun 3–7.

2012 Dismuke, C. P., Randall, R. E., and Yeh, P.-H. (2012). Laboratory measurements of the suction inlet flow field of a model cutter suction dredge. WEDA XXXII Technical Conference & TAMU 43 Dredging Seminar, San Antonio, Texas, Jun 10–13.

2020 詹竣宇、葉博弘 (2020),「推移式二維數值水槽造波及消波研究」,第四十二屆海洋工程研討會,基隆,台灣,11月19–20日。

2020 謝政佑、陳信宏、吳恩綺、葉博弘 (2020),「波流作用下單樁式水下支撐基礎沖刷及保護工試驗研究」,第四十二屆海洋工程研討會,基隆,台灣,11月19–20日。

2006 Yeh, P.-H., Park, N. Chang, K.-A., Chen, H.-C., and Briaud, J.-L. (2006). Maximum migration distance of a meandering channel. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Scour and Erosion, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 1-3
2006 Yeh, P.-H., Park, N., Wang, W., Chang, K.-A., Chen, H.-C., and Briaud, J.-L. (2006). Meander migration: some experimental results. Proceedings of the GeoCongress, Atlanta, Georgia,February 26–March 1.
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