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Department of Marine Environment and Engineering

      The undergraduate program of the Department of Marine Environment and Engineering was established in 1988. In view of the increasing needs of knowledge in the areas of marine environmental engineering, marine pollution prevention, marine environmental management and planning, during the process of development involving marine environment. To enhance the level of research, the graduate program offering MS degree was established in 1993. It extends the undergraduate study to carry out substantial research in order to foster specialists in the areas of marine environment. The graduate program offering PHD degree was established in 2000. Master Program in Offshore Wind Power Maritime Engineering , Department of Marine Environment and Engineering in 2020.

      The distinct feature of the Department is to consider both open ocean and coastal areas, and to emphasize the overall integration of aforementioned disciplines, i.e., marine environmental engineering, marine pollution prevention, marine environmental management and planning, with basic marine sciences such as physical, chemical, geological oceanography as well as marine ecology. Therefore, the Department, on the one hand, advocates research of developing new technologies required for exploring marine resources, and on the other hand, devotes to the preservation of marine environment, in order to achieve sustainable utilization of natural resources, high quality and healthy marine environment.

      The curriculum, in addition to offering many courses covering the traditional subjects generally required in an engineering department such as basic mechanics and applied mathematics, places emphasis of teaching and research in the following areas:

     (1) Fundamental marine sciences, including basic physical and chemical properties of sea water, marine ecology, coastal sedimentation, sea water motion and ocean waves;

     (2) Marine environmental engineering and technology, including coastal geo-mechanics, coastal engineering mechanics, harbor engineering, underwater technology, coastal morphology, coastal protection, oil-drilling platform, man-made islands, coastal reclaimed land, etc.;

     (3) Marine pollution and its prevention, including marine pollution chemistry, models of pollutant transport, waste water monitoring and control;

    (4) Marine environmental management and utilization of marine resources, including environmental laws, environmental impact assessment, marine environment monitoring, recreation planning and management, and geographical information system (GIS) etc.




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