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C.C. Huang(Retired)


Research Room:ME4008 

TEL(07-525-2000) :5169



Education and Major Experience

Ph. D. (1988) in Ocean Engineering, Texas A& M U.
Research Interests
Ocean Engineering, Marine Farming, Shore Protection, Hydraulic Modeling


Courses Offered

Fluid Mechanics, Shore Protection, Hydraulic Modeling, Boundary Element Methods
Journal papers
2000   Tseng, R.S., Wu, R.H., Huang, C.C., 2000. Model study of a shoreline wave-power system. Ocean Engineering 27, 801-821

2006     Huang, C.C., Tang, H.J., Liu, J.Y., 2006. Dynamical analysis of net cage structures for marine aquaculture: Numerical simulation and model testing. Aquacultural Engineering 35, 258-270

2007     Huang, C.C., Tang, H.J., Liu, J.Y., 2007. Modeling volume deformation in gravity-type cages with distributed bottom weights or a rigid tube-sinker. Aquacultural Engineering 37, 144-157

2008     Huang, C.C., Tang, H.J., Liu, J.Y. 2008. Effects of waves and currents on gravity-type cages in the open sea. Aquacultural Engineering 38, 105-116.

2008     Tang, H.J., Huang, C.C., 2008. Bragg reflection in a fully nonlinear numerical wave tank based on boundary integral equation method. Ocean Engineering 35, 1800-1810.

2009    Huang, C.C., Tang, H.J., Pan, J.Y., 2009. Numerical modeling of an SPM cage with a frontal rigid frame. IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering 34(2), 113-122.  

2009   Huang, C.C., Pan, J.Y., 2009. Mooring line fatigue: A risk analysis for an SPM cage system. Aquacultural Engineering 42, 8-16.





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